Imperium / Guild Profile

Guild Name Imperium
Guild Tag [IMP]
Last Updated 13th June, 2017
Server Undecided
Alliance No Alliance
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvX
Language(s) English
Location United States
Twitter @imperiumaoc
Voice Comms TeamSpeak
Members 300+
Guild Leader(s) Alyx, Adam, Morbis
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age N/A
Min. Time Investment N/A
Timezone(s) GMT -5
Skill Level(s) Any
Activities SocialisingRoleplayingQuestingOpen World PvPSiege PvPTradingCraftingDungeonsRaids

Ashes of Creation Info

Imperium Guild Recruitment

We are still working out official little tidbits here and there – but one thing is certain: we have structure and logistics – and we’re looking for future mayors, warriors, traders, and generally success-driven players. This guild is the creation of two larger communities coming together to bring out the best of both their experiences, as well as fresh new faces from abroad.

A little about the communities creating this “kingdom”:

Vornair ( is a kingdom that has become the largest player-driven community in Chronicles of Elyria , consisting of over 2000 active players spanning across more than 50 discords. It consists of a myriad of experienced crafters, politicians, economists, RPers and much much more. The best part about Vornair is that it has become a place where anyone with an interest in any MMO, let it be casual or hardcore, has somewhere they can call home. There is no stronger or more well-known name than Vornair across the CoE community.

Legacy Gaming ( is an experienced gaming community boasting 7+ years topping competitive PvP charts, clearing world firsts, and explosive member growth. From their humble beginnings in Warhammer Online to their most recent dominance in Black Desert Online, Legacy Gaming has continually grown and is now one of the most fierce competitors in the MMO scene. Wherever competitive pvp resides in MMOs, Legacy tries their best to be involved in it, and as everyone knows, AoC is where it’s soon to be. More on their history, charter and expectations can be found on their website.

These two communities combine to meet and complement each other’s focuses and strengths, allowing for a very comprehensive and multifaceted guild.

Our Structure:

Our guild will have focus groups covering the four main node types in the game. We are specifically aiming for a good mix of hardcore and casual players to fill these focus groups. These groups allow for joining members to become fluent on particular aspects of the game and surround themselves with like-minded guildmates. Shortly after joining the guild, you can look forward to joining one or more of the following focuses

“Economy” for those you’re interested in a supportive and economic-focused environment. We have a number of players in this category who are looking for more like-minded people to do more than just trade runs, but rather set up and maintain elaborate systems for economic superiority. They are stock brokers, auction house gurus, and more.

“Religious / PvE” for those interested in hardcore PvE raiding/dungeon teams with strict scheduling and permanence. We plan to have official “A” and “B” teams, with set raiding schedules throughout the week. We are very experienced in extensive progression raiding and optimal and fair loot distribution. Our promise to you is that it’s done right.

“Military” for those interested in PvP, both small and large-scale. Our bread and butter is our PvP history and experience, with a special focus on organized large-scale combat. We also host arena and battleground teams, which we call “divisions.” These are dedicated groups of individuals who are given extra resources and special attention to represent us in the highest rungs of competition.

“Research” for our tinkerers, planners and individuals who like building new ideas. Research will be a core part of AoC and we have a team of individuals who plan to utilize spreadsheets and raw data to ensure the highest efficiency of progress within all four of our core focus groups. Our research group is also responsible for effective communication and execution of schedules.

Each of these are divided and led by volunteers like yourself, organizing groups of 5,10, or more depending on the mechanics. This also means that if you are with a group of friends, you can still specialize with them in a smaller setup while enjoying the benefits of being in a much larger guild.

Joining: You can learn a lot more by joining our discord and browsing through our community sites. The three most important things to know are:

1) We have been around a long time with the same name – we were not created just for this MMO out of a whim, and have refined our guild over many mmos. We know what it takes to continue getting top ranks and “firsts.” 2) We invite both casual and hardcore players, PvE and PvP alike. We do not see hardcore as any more important than casual. 3) We feel we offer one of the most active AoC guilds around, and invite you to come join and see for yourself. From parents to memers, we have them all.

If you or your group of friends are interested, pop into Discord and let us know. Challenge yourself to ask us tough questions, see what we have to offer, shop around other guilds, and let us know what you think. If your attitude is “I really want to have the freedom to do this amazing xx idea” – you’re probably the type of person we want. That said, if you just want to fight alongside friends and have a good time, there is most definitely a home for you as well.

We will see you in Ashes of Creation!