Nexus / Guild Profile

Attention: This guild profile has not been updated in a long time and so may be inaccurate, or the guild may no longer exist.
Guild Name Nexus
Guild Tag [NX]
Last Updated 15th September, 2018
Server Undecided
Alliance No Alliance
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvX
Language(s) English (Secondary: Some Spanish, Some German, but we all need to be able to speak English.)
Location United States
Twitter @nexusaoc
Voice Comms Discord
Members 51-150
Guild Leader(s) Zara
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 17
Min. Time Investment 7 days/week, 6 hours/week
Timezone(s) GMT -9 through GMT -5
Skill Level(s) Any
Activities SocialisingRoleplayingQuestingOpen World PvPSiege PvPTradingCraftingDungeonsRaids

General Guild Info

Nexus did not originate from any other game, we were founded for AoC, and we don't plan on leaving anytime soon, we will keep recruiting until we reach our mark. We recommend you join the discord provided to get to know us better.

Ashes of Creation Info

Do you love PVE?

Do you love PVP?


We're set on both!


Nexus is a hardcore [NA] [PVX] focused guild, open to small roleplay, recruiting MATURE and ACTIVE members!



Nexus also has a new ranking system, if you want to be apart of the guild and contribute once AoC is out, please let us know in our guild #census.



Our members do play a variety of games while we wait for Ashes of Creation to release!

Have any new game’s you want to play with the guild? Post it in #other-games in our discord.


Define nexus: a relationship or connection between people or things —


Apart, we are strong, but together, we are unstoppable.


If you're not sure about joining our guild yet, we can give you a 10-day trial to see if you're comfortable or not, and to get to know our community. Once the trial is over you will have to make your decision!


Feel free to get to know us, ask as many questions as you can, our leaders are experienced and informed about Ashes of Creation (As much as one can be at least).


We do like long walks on the beach, and drinking Pinot noir on the balcony of a rich man’s house


But when it comes down to it, we're focused on making our community grow with friendly like-minded people, if you join this guild, we encourage you to remember you will never be just another cog in the machine no matter how big we get.





Currently, we are looking to ally with a hardcore PVP guild. Be sure to DM me or join the guild and ask around for someone to talk to!


Remember, it's all about having fun at the end of the day, and our guild strives to make that a reality.



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