Sugoi / Guild Profile

Guild Name Sugoi
Guild Tag [Sugoi]
Last Updated 3rd September, 2020
Server Undecided
Alliance No Alliance
Style & Focus Strict/Hardcore PvX
Language(s) English
Location United States
Website N/A
Twitter N/A
Voice Comms Discord
Members 51-150
Guild Leader(s) Hikaru
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age N/A
Min. Time Investment N/A
Timezone(s) GMT -5
Skill Level(s) High
Activities SocialisingQuestingOpen World PvPSiege PvPTradingCraftingDungeonsRaids

General Guild Info

We are a high profile, competitive, PvX guild with a focus on becoming the best in our field of focus. Our community is filled with veteran gamers willing to help onboard newer, driven, players--producing proven successful teams with a competitive edge. Our leaders and core members are all hardcore players who have a long history of being in the top 1% of players across multiple games including, but not limited to: D1+ of League of Legends, Master/Grandmaster in SC2, GMs in Overwatch, Diamond in B&S, and 2400+ WoW players.

Although these aren't requirements of joining our guild, we help and encourage our players to reach these heights; giving them the tools to achieve their goals. The objective of <Sugoi> is to have a dominating presence in Ashes via PvP, gear, and world influence. We highly value skilled individuals who have great game sense/skill, whether you have it from prior experience, or are driven to learning it now. The way you treat others, including those outside of our guild impacts your rank within it. Our guild ranking systems are based on merit, history, and trust. Anyone may join as long as they share these values. Our leaders will always take the time to hear you out; so please don’t be afraid to speak up about an issue, suggestion, or general input. If you'd like to learn more about us, come join our discord to chat!