Apostles of the Abyss / Guild Profile

Guild Name Apostles of the Abyss
Guild Tag [AotA]
Last Updated 19th June, 2022
Server Undecided
Alliance No Alliance
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvX
Language(s) English
Location United States
Website https://apostlesoftheabyss.com/
Discord https://discord.gg/qCsjCgrMdk
Twitter @AbyssApostles
Voice Comms Discord
Members 151-300
Guild Leader(s) Kino, Serpico, Jade, Moinphyst, KCN
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 18
Min. Time Investment 4 days/week, 16 hours/week
Timezone(s) GMT -5
Skill Level(s) MediumHigh
Activities SocialisingQuestingOpen World PvPSiege PvPTradingCraftingDungeonsRaids

General Guild Info

“Stacking the cobblestones to reach the castle in the sky.”

-We are the Apostles of the Abyss-

A dedicated PvX Ashes of Creation guild with the goal of creating & maintaining an active & welcoming community in order to make our mark within the game. We will rely on & work with each other to progress & succeed in the most daunting of tasks. As a guild, we will persistently strive to excel in all areas & aspects of the game, welcoming anyone regardless of their style of play. We are recruiting casual & hardcore; crafter, raider, dungeoneer, pvper, or anything inbetween. If you are looking to form lasting relationships that go beyond the boundaries of clocking in & clocking out for raids, this might be the place for you.

Website: https://www.apostlesoftheabyss.com/
Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/9n4veVH82Z